Our Story


Born and raised in UK, I grew up as a barn rat. Working my Saturdays at a small lesson stables called Glendale Farm. 

I had a Chestnut mare called Pimms on loan to me and basically, from a young age my life revolved around horses and the horse life. 

I have always been an avid fan of eventing and i enjoy seeing the different displays of personality each rider showed off with their Cross Country colours. 

I worked for a gentleman and his wife  when i was a teenager, and her colours were brown and yellow - not colours you'd imagine would look great but boy, i thought they looked awesome on course. Flying over jumps i could barely imagine climbing over.   

Fast forward a few years - couple decades actually -  and I, along with my family, move to Canada. Of course immediately i begin looking for MY people - other horsey types - and i Found them. I found the world of Eventing over here and BAM! I was at home. 

A couple years go by, My daughter drops her toes quite solidly into the Eventing world and I begin the search to find her colours... 

Quite the frustrating task that proved to be. 

Colour, and variety of colour, was no where to be seen.

And that is how KC Equestrian Colours was born. 

I am a firm believer that what you wear makes an impact on your mood, your confidence and therefor, your results. 

I believe that to stand out from the crowd and be able to show off your talents is important. Eventers work tirelessly all year to go to shows - to stand out and WIN. 

Why fade into a sea of black and white when you can gallop across those hills and fields in something you chose, something you designed - something that not only looks great, but raises your confidence too.  

I love to watch people do well at what they love. I love to see people have fun and succeed.