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KC Equestrian Riders

Emily Boyce on Flora (Hickory Bay) Will O Wind 2020

Sponsored Rider 

Hi I’m Emily Boyce 🙂 I run an eventing/dressage based boarding and training facility called Tanglewood out of Schomberg, ON. I have been eventing for over 15 years and have always felt that developing a unique partnership with each of my horses, strong horsemanship skills and of course having lots of fun have kept me addicted for all these years. Now in my early thirties I love to work at introducing young horses to the sport. I own a great TB mare called Hickory Bay who competes with me at the Preliminary level. I’ve had Flora since she was 4 years old and introduced her to eventing. Her favourite thing is to gallop and jump as it should be! This year we hope to get some more prelims under our belt, and continue looking for opportunities to school our show jumping skills, some intermediate cross country questions and any other fun things that come our way! 

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Audrey Coleman on Karma (Call it Karma) Wits End 2020

Hi my names Audrey Coleman, I’m a 23 year old event rider from Ontario Canada currently competing at the Training level with my horse Call It Karma! Karma is a 9yo OTTB who I restarted as a 6yo that had 2 years off post racing! Our goals this year include upgrading to Prelim, hopefully competing at an FEI and overall having a fun season! I can’t wait for another KC equestrian colour filled summer and another year being a part of this amazing team!

Nicki Reynolds and Daphne (One In a Million)

Hi my names Nicki Reynolds! I’m a 20 year old event rider from Ontario Canada currently competing at the Preliminary/FEI 2* level with my horse One in a Million! One in a Million aka Daphne is an 11 year old Hanoverian cross, she’s gone from unbroke at 7 years old to competing at the fei level in our 4 short years together! Our goals this year include getting more experience at the FEI level, upgrading to Intermediate, and having tons of fun! I’m extremely excited and honoured to represent KC Equestrian this season! 

Tori Horan and King 

Hi, I am Tori, My horse is called King. King is a 12 your old thoroughbred. He’s competing after training in school and has done lots of preliminary. He loves his job and I love riding him.  We showed up to pre-training this year and hoping to have a great pre-training and maybe do some training level. tWe rain with Jessica Ruppel she is taught me everything I know about a venting and riding. 

Phoebe And Austin (Austin Powers)

Hi, My name is Phoebe  I am 15 years old and my horse is Austin. He is an 11 year old OTTB who is just learning the ropes in Eventing. He's a playful, cheeky chap who loves jumping. We have done a few shows and some schooling together last year at pre-entry level and i hope to grow with him through the phases as we get to know each other better. 
We cant wait for the 2021 season to begin!